Goldenhand brings to you education
that truly matters in the real world

Goldenhand brings to you education that truly matters in the real world

A Human Being is the most complex mechanism out there, yet it’s the one that comes without a manual

The Goldenhand Metamorphosis

Happy Realisation
Happy Realisation

Happy Realization

The first step towards change is to take notice!

This is the eureka moment when you identify and most importantly accept the need for improvement in any aspect of life. Due to the absence of consistent motivation and limited availability of the right resources, it often dries up leaving us as is!

Goldenhand is a one stop platform that enables you to kickstart this journey from I wish to I will by identifying the accurate program suited to your specific objective.

Triggering Transformation

Triggering Transformation

Our only security is our ability to change!

Change can be very overwhelming and our tendency to resist change does not help either. Successful transformation requires discipline, a thought through strategy and most importantly proper education.

The programs at goldenhand are a result of extensive R&D. Our mentors develop quality curriculums that include a combination of one-to-one sessions, workbooks, audios & videos to pave the path.

Our together

Our Together Is Forever

Consistency is the key!

Life and its inevitable responsibilities often put self development on the backseat. We forget that in order to deliver the best, we must become the best version of ourselves.

Goldenhand believes in building long-term relationships. Finishing the program is only half work done, the other half is the implementation and consistency. We provide consultation plans that enable tracking, analyzing & engineering your self development journey.


GoldenHand is on a journey to transform the world into a place where people are spiritually mindful, content and happy from the inside by unleashing the full potential of their mind, body & soul. In order to achieve this, knowledge & the right education about the subjects that truly matter is critical. We want to provide this guidance to the world. We want to empower people so they can have the adequate will power, composure, tools, techniques & knowledge to fulfill their dreams. Everything is possible.

By means of extensive R&D and professional expertise, our platform provides well structured programs on key subjects of life. Our wide range of courses cater to various aspects of self development. Finally, you will get the opportunity to explore curriculums that will let you critically analyze & re-engineer your mind, relationships, health, mental wellbeing, emotional intelligence & efficiency. Our programs will enable you to learn about yourself more consciously & work on areas of life that will lead to a meaningful, content & happy life.

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