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July Prediction

Namaste tribe,
We hope our horoscopes have been guiding you well and helping you keep up with your life’s plans. We have completed half the journey of the year 2022. Before we begin with the second half, let’s reflect back?

Have you been able to keep up with your resolutions?
Are you able to bring the change you promised yourself that you would?

Yes? No? Maybe?

We understand. With our unpredictable lives, it’s often difficult to take time out, especially for ourselves.
But no more excuses. Here is your reminder to start again. With your July horoscope reading, here is your step ahead. Allow your reading to guide you and reinstate your goals, plans and habits.

Happy reading!

Aries ♈

Aries will be full of self-confidence and physical and mental strength this month. It is advisable to keep calm as haste and enthusiasm can be harmful while taking important decisions. Post-July 13th, stalled projects will easily pick up the pace. There will be little benefit from hard work for the employed people. This month the financial situation will be better. New sources of income can be discovered. The situation will be better for the traders. Maturity will come in the business’s ongoing partnership. Business or any other work related to foreign countries will prove to be beneficial. Efforts to buy property and repayment of the loan will be successful. After July 15th, make sure to do complete calculations and research before investing in the stock market. Be mindful of your actions at home. Married life will need your special support after July 13th. In the love life, behave with an understanding of the delicateness of a relationship. Efforts at love marriage may fail, be careful. It is time for the students to move ahead smoothly. After July 15th, it will be necessary to strengthen their concentration for success in the competitive examinations. Health can deteriorate due to excessive busyness. If there are any health-related issues like diabetes or kidney, then be more careful.

Taurus ♉


In the month of July, the planet’s position will be very auspicious for Taurus. Until July 13th, Venus will remain in their zodiac. Mercury will be in the house of wealth. Saturn will be in its own house and retrograde will be in the house of luck from July 12th. Jupiter, the house of profit, should be in its own house.
Through self-confidence, new endeavours can be explored. Employed people should try for promotion. The people of the Taurus zodiac sign, associated with the field of art will get new skills to enhance their art. There will be economic, political, business and social life satisfaction. It is advisable to do thorough research before making any investments. Foreign-related investments, like travel for study or work abroad, will prove to be beneficial. There will be happiness in family life. Married life may have to become a victim of your anger, be careful. Avoid talking too much in love life. Time is better for students, but their attention will be more on material comforts than studies, so take care of studies. Be careful about diabetes-related health issues.

Gemini ♊


The month of July will be favourable for Gemini. Post-July 2nd, Mercury will enter Gemini. This time will increase the confidence and positivity of the aura. After July 14th, Mercury will move into Cancer, which will help improve financial conditions. Hard work will yield benefits. Use your convincing ability to retrieve back the money stuck somewhere. Luck will continue to support you till July 12th. There are chances of growth in a career, which will bring name, fame and recognition. There will also be a situation of profit from the works related to real estate. After July 29th, avoid getting caught in any temptation. In business, with the cooperation of your business partner and life partner, there seems to be a situation of good profit.
If your Saturn Dasha or Antar Dasha is going on, then be careful about any sudden loss or injury. Family life will be pleasant, avoid showing indifference. Marital life will be helpful. Control sudden conflict situations in love life. There may be some problems in higher education but research work will accelerate. Health will be better. Along with accepting the opportunity of sudden profit, one must also hold on to morality. So that there is no situation of getting trapped.

Cancer ♋


This month luck will be in your favour. The financial situation will be better. The chance for new avenues of profit to be discovered. There will be a situation of profit from the stock market and real estate before July 12th, post that avoids taking a risk. Whether it is a job or business, there can be some tension in the work field. Decisions taken in more excitement and nervous state can prove to be harmful. Sudden change in life is possible. To avoid mental stress, take the help of meditation. Pay attention to completing past incomplete works. Practice meditation to avoid mental stress. This month there will be less tension in family life. Apathy in marital life can create distance. Be aware of the possibility of short circuits in love life. The concentration of the students will come on the way after July 13th. Success in the competition can be fully expected. It will be better for the students associated with Occult Science. Take care of your health. There may be problems related to bones.

Leo ♌

The first half of this month will bring happiness from many fields. One should be proactive in taking advantage of all the opportunities. Along with economic progress, there are chances of an increase in status. Post-july 12th, salaried people need to be careful of their work, carelessness can be overwhelming. One can expect progress in matters related to property. After 17th July, Leo can experience a wave of low confidence and irritable nature. Increasing expectations of people in the family may cause stress. Avoid disputes with parents. Try to balance your marriage and business partner. Time for students can be said to be moderate. A Strong mind will have to be put into studies. Avoid taking too much risk in the stock market. Thorough investigation before Investment will prove to be profitable in future. Take care of health at every level. It will be necessary to keep an eye on the health of the family as well.

Virgo ♍


The month of July will be great for the people associated with business or jobs. Money and prestige can become a reason for arrogance for you. There will be an increase in Property and other means of convenience. There is also a possibility of getting an ancestral property. One can expect good gains in the stock market after July 15th. But take risks very carefully, loss is also possible. There will be a situation of discord in family relationships. One should handle the atmosphere with their own nature. There can be arguments with friends, so be careful. Married life will also remain somewhat turbulent from the second week of the month, handle it patiently. Students will be in a position to benefit from matters related to foreign countries. Research work will be beneficial. Health will be better. Suddenly someone can get hurt, do not take any risk.

Libra ♎


The month of July will be favourable for career growth. So avoid laziness and put in all your hard work. Keep the tone of conversation formal while communicating with business partners.
People trying for a government job can get good news. Promotion in a private job is also possible. The position of money will be better. You can also earn a profit from property. There are chances of getting an ancestral property. Your situation in the family is becoming very turbulent. Coordination will be necessary to avoid separation. The problems of married life will reduce post-July 12th but will not end.
There will be interest in spirituality which is good for your confused thinking. Stay away from extramarital affairs. There will be mixed time for the students. Time management must be done. Preparation for competitive exams will be better. Mental stress, fear and unnecessary worry can keep on bothering you. So stay calm and practice breathing to calm your mind.

Scorpion 🦂


The month of July will demand Scorpios to believe in themselves. For this month, Mars and Rahu are in the 6th house, due to which you should avoid doing any work in haste due to overconfidence. Hence it is advisable to take care of yourself emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Practice meditation and yoga. After the struggles, July will be a favourable time to strengthen your career and take full advantage of it. People associated with the field of art can receive some great news. Salaried people should speed up their efforts to get a promotion or job by July 15, good results will be available. Believe in yourself, your confidence in yourself will help you succeed in business. Keep your behaviour practical. You may spend more on the needs of the family, be careful. Try to remove the bitterness of anger from siblings. Married life will run smoothly, there are many distances, and they will end. There will be ups and downs in love life. The situation of disorientation will be disturbing. Some improvement can be expected in the creative subject related to abroad. Pay attention to health.

Sagittarius ♐


The month of July will be beneficial on the career front. By July 16th, the Sun will be making a very favourable effect on the field of work. There will be opportunities in business, so move forward with full confidence and prestige. Those in the service sector can expect an increase in salary increase and promotion. Post-July 12th, control the habit of giving directions to people. At the workplace, talk carefully with your seniors. post-July 16, one can experience tense situations in the workplace, and handle them calmly.
The situation of money will be moderate. Some old family disputes can again become a cause of tension, especially matters related to property.

Keep your words restrained. Take all possible measures to avoid anger. Meditation and Gayatri Mantra will be helpful. After July 29, you will find a way to get out of these problems.
Married life will be helpful. There will be disorientation in love life. Students will have doubts about their own chosen subjects and they can go towards doing something new, which will be a state of confusion. It will be necessary to handle this. Take care of your health. Meditation will be very helpful.

Capricorn ♑

The month of July will demand Capricorn to believe in themselves. With their hard work and self-confidence, they will overcome any challenges coming their way. In the first half of the month, rivals from traders can give some tension.
There may be a situation of doubt in the workplace for the employed people, but post-July 16, through their understanding and expertise they will be able to deal with this problem.
The latter part of the month will be favourable for Capricorn in all respects. The money situation will be better. Any wishes, earlier considered impossible, may also be fulfilled. If any money is stuck, try getting it back by the 12th of July. There will be benefits from foreign travel. The family environment will become normal after 12th July, keep calm till then. Marital life will be better. Love life will be peaceful. People desirous of marriage can get a good relationship.
Time is favourable for students. Time is helpful for students appearing for government job exams.
Manage stress through mindfulness practices. Health will be better. If you have a stomach problem, be alert.

Aquarius ♒

The month of July will be beneficial for Aquarius, however, it will require some cautiousness. Unknown enemies at the workplace can prevent you from taking full fruit of your hard work. For business or a job, one must be careful. However, don’t let others prevent you from working hard. Give your 100 per cent. The financial situation will improve. Before July 13th, it’s an auspicious time to buy a house, vehicle or any property. Luck will be with you. Post-july 13th, the profit situation will improve further. Those in the government sector will be benefitted. There will be an increase in expenses however these expenses are pending. The family atmosphere will be pleasant. Expect full support from your life partner. Love life will be better. New friends will be made. Favourable time for students. The situation will be very encouraging after July 16 for government job exams.
Take care of your health. Stay away from negativity. Keep feeding the workers some food. If there is a stomach-related problem, reduce the consumption of fat in the food.

Pisces ♓

July will bring a breath of relief for Pisces. Post-July 12th, one can expect relief from big burdens in life. There will be opportunities to experiment with something new, both in job and business. New friendships at work will be beneficial. There will be an improvement in the financial situation. New sources of money can be discovered. One must be careful at home. Family disputes will continue, so be calm and focus on your speech. Avoid being bitter.

Where the family environment will be stressful, your partner will be your safe space. Love life will move forward intelligently. There is a possibility of a trip abroad, however, be careful of any cheating during your journey. Better time for students. They will be able to focus on their studies. Be sure to take care of your health. Wrong habits of eating and drinking can cause problems.


We are sure these predictions will be able to help and guide you to plan ahead. You can also have a detailed and personalized reading that will not only help you to prepare better but also gives you the tools to deal with the obstacles in the pathway. To book your session with our expert astrologer, WhatsApp us on- 8602120900 or DM us on our Instagram page:

We hope these messages will guide you towards a successful month of health, growth, and success. Come back again soon, to see what message we have for you.. See you next month


We have come halfway across the year and beginning with the 7th month. How many of you are able to keep up with the resolutions, plans and promises you made at the beginning of the year?
Sadly not many of us. But it’s okay. Here is your reminder to restart
Well, it’s okay if you couldn’t. We still have time. Let’s make the second half count. Here is your July horoscope to help you plan your July strategically.

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