Our counsellors have a holistic approach towards counselling. Our practice follows the principles of psychoanalysis, behaviourism and humanistic approaches with the combination of short term therapeutic techniques such as solution focused brief therapy.

Often the fast life and stressors around us make it difficult for us to take care of our mental health and wellbeing. We are humans and the fast paced lifestyle has made us work like computers – performing various tasks at once and hence often overworked. Even computers need a break to cool down, they need servicing to work up and have an external hard drive to store up all the pent up information from time to time. Then why shouldn’t we humans too have a space to cool down, relax, get serviced and release our pent up overburdening thoughts and stress to an external entity? We should. Our counselling services create a safe and empowering space where every voice matters and every voice is heard.


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