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Hope you’ve had a pleasant start to the new year. The horoscope 2022 predictions below are sure to give you the upper hand as you navigate through this year. What to expect from the new year? What will be the best course of action for the upcoming year? How will be my financial and career prospects? What are my zodiac predictions for relationships? Get answers to all these questions and more in your yearly horoscope for 2022.

Our skilled and qualified astrologers have developed an annual prediction based on the movement and location of the planets. We hope you are able to find solutions to your queries. Good luck with your reading!

Aries –

Business – The year will start on a positive note for Aries. Post-January 16th, many hopes and wishes will come true. Businesspeople can expect a boom in business during February. Those in service sectors can expect more opportunities and responsibilities. There are chances of transfer that will be in your favor. The time till April will be favorable in all aspects of life. One can expect to experience many monetary gain opportunities. Still, the existing beliefs might cause confusion and despair that can be troublesome. People associated with real estate or service industries must be processed with self-management. Put your comfort zone to the side and start working towards succeeding in your business.

Health – After April, Aries can experience a few troubles. Still, you will be able to tackle all with a healthy mind and body. You will continue to be protected from your enemies.

Studies – This year will be great for students. So stay focused and study hard. Relationship – Unfortunately, the year 2022 might be straining on marital life. So be careful of the conflicts; they can hamper the relationship. Best time of year – The time from April 29th to July 22nd will be the golden period. Grab opportunities and take advantage with both hands.

Advice – The planet Rahu might cause a state of confusion. To avoid the delay due to confusion, it is advised to feed birds.

Lucky numbers: 1,9

Taurus –

Business – The year will begin with the planet of luck in your favour, so you will get success in all your works. The year 2022 is financially favourable for you. It is recommended to invest in the stock market with careful research and considerations for passive income. For those desiring to build/buy a new house, February 12th- April 29th is an auspicious time. If you are troubled by any debt, you will get a solution for that soon. Post-April 13th, there will be opportunities for multitude profits.Family – The family environment may deteriorate, so be patient and mindful of your reaction

Studies – The year is advantageous for students. You will get more benefits with less hard work. In addition, the students engaged in the research field can expect recognition and success. 

Health – For Taurus, in 2022, health will be better. However, if there is an ongoing ailment in the lower part of the back, get treatment immediately. Couples planning for children must take necessary medical opinions before proceeding further. 

Best time of year – The new year is about a new beginning and self-discovery. April 29th-July 12th will be when you have to put your best efforts to establish yourself. If you are thinking of making any change in your job or business, now will be the time to make the right decision.

Lucky numbers: 6,5,8

Gemini –

Work & Business – The new year will come with new chances. From April 29th – July 12th, you will be free from Saturn Dhaiya. Saturn will no longer persuade you out of your luck during this time. Hence your confidence and happiness will be at their peak. The year will be favorable for economic growth and post-April 13th; one can expect a hike in financial gain. With luck already being your motivator and with the experience in hand, you will be able to make significant changes in the area of work. The first four months will be excellent and motivating; however, post that, you will have to work harder to succeed. 

Marriage – For couples planning to get married, the initial four months of the year are auspicious. Marital happiness will be blissful. After April, getting married might require you to be more patient and calm in your love life. Higher chances of disputes over small matters.

Health – The year will be positive for your health; however, be mindful of your health in January, the first month of the year.

Lucky numbers: 5,6,4

Cancer –

Health – From April 29th, due to Saturn’s influence, one can experience laziness and trouble. It is advisable to look after your wellbeing through mediation. Post-July 12th, the situation will come back to normal.

 Important months – The year 2022 will come bearing gifts of outstanding achievements and opportunities. But it is only with focus and alertness that you can grasp all the possibilities. The year will have a great start, but April will demand some caution. Post-April 12th, Rahu will make its impact; hence it is vital to take any crucial decisions through careful considerations. Post-April 13th, the situation will become better. With the presence of Jupiter, one can expect relief from troubles. It is advisable to avoid unreasonable fear and confusion and stay focused on your goals. After August 10th, there will be opportunities for good income.

Family – The family environment can be stressful and worrying this year. Your people can have the upper hand on you. Try to keep your patience, and this shall pass. 

Relationship – Those in a relationship might have to make a few new adjustments for a healthy love life. 

Health – From April 29th, due to Saturn’s influence, one can experience laziness and trouble. It is advisable to look after your wellbeing through mediation.

Studies – For students, April is the right time. So work hard and prepare for final exams with complete focus. Post-April, they might experience a few disturbances. It is advised to avoid laziness during this time and maintain your focus. Post-July is a valuable time for the success of studies. The year will come with its ups and downs; however, with the proper focus, you will achieve wonders. Keep the focus on your health. 

Lucky numbers: 3,2,9

Leo –

Work & Business – The early months of 2022 will act as a great confidence booster. For any new beginning, the period till April 13th is auspicious. This year you will be able to turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones at work. Therefore, focus on work, be diligent and take advantage of this time of the year. The year 2022 could bring new opportunities for people in the service sector. There is a chance of promotion. Money flow will be better for the first three months; however, you can experience a few struggles, so save up and spend wisely. Business people will finally be able to attain the profits of their hard work. You will be relieved of financial distress this year. So take a step back and relax.    

Studies – This year will be great for students. The concentration of Leo students related to research work or higher education will be excellent. Strive to make the most of this time.

Family – In terms of familial bonds, 2022 might bring some troubles. There might be issues related to property disputes. It is advisable to resolve the family’s issues than take the matter to court as the latter can get very complicated and stressful for you.

Relationship – For lovers, their love will bloom. It is advisable to stay calm and be more patient post-April 12th, as there can be few troubles. This year will bring happiness and love to couples. For those who wish to get married, 2022 is your year. 

Advice – It is advisable to stay mindful of your health. Careers, studies, relationships, finances can act as stressors. Keep calm, believe in yourself, and you will rise.  

Lucky numbers for Leo: 1, 9, 3


Work & Business – Virgos, you’re in for a joyride this year. 2022 is filled with opportunities and success for you. Fresh ideas or a new start made in business will bring in many benefits. This year, employed people may get lucky as there is a high chance of promotion, so keep working hard. Those seeking jobs have a high probability of getting employed, so put in all your efforts and hard work. In 2022, Virgos can expect tension rising post-April 12th, as Rahu will enter Aries. You may find yourself in a state of confusion. To get out of it, focus more on your work. Before April 29, the stock market or any other investment will give good returns. However, we all know that the stock market carries greater risk; it is advisable to be careful while investing.

Studies –  This year will be great for students. Those who have been focusing and preparing for a competitive exam are likely to succeed after April. In addition, students associated with research will be successful.

Relationship – In 2022, the family atmosphere will be mixed, sometimes stormy and sometimes sunny and warm. Virgos will find themselves happy, loving and joyful around their partners. Hence, married couples will enjoy marital bliss this year. Marriage can be fixed in the month of August. Love will increase in life. Any love partner can also be found. If you do not have a love partner, then you can also get a love partner to share your feelings with. So keep an eye out for ‘the one’.

Health – In 2022, health should be a top priority. Health-related issues need to be addressed promptly. Get treatment from a qualified doctor as incorrect treatment can cost more than money. 

To sum it up, this year will surely bring you an abundance of opportunities, wealth, joy and success. 

Lucky numbers: 6,5 

Libra –

Work & Business– The year 2022 will bring in real opportunities for Librans to prove their worth in their field. Be confident and strong-willed. For those who want to buy property, conditions are better. Those wishing to invest in stocks or lottery avoid investing and focus on saving in both cases. Be cautious till April 13. Are you thinking of starting a new venture? You may want to go ahead, as it can provide you stability. And since stability means comfort zone, Libras are fond of the latter. Job-seekers enhance your skill-set and be ready as there are chances of getting the desired job.

Family – Libras will be free from the troublesome Dhaiya of Saturn from April 29th- July 12th, so try to make the family environment pleasant with love, respect and understanding. Avoid being reactive in the family for the whole year after July.

Studies – The year 2022 will be a bright year for students as they will yield the fruits of their hard work. Though Students associated with research work may struggle a bit, they will overcome the obstacles eventually. So keep working hard. 

Health – A disciplined health regimen is necessary for Libras this year. Keep up the good dietary practices, sleep well and work out. Focus on staying fit as obesity could be troublesome. Also, always be alert and drive carefully.

Lucky numbers: 6,5,8 

Scorpio –

Business – 2022 will bring relief and peace for you. After April 12, you will get rid of the financial burden and the enemies troubling you last year. Relax and enjoy this pleasant time. At the beginning of the year, there will be fewer opportunities for profits as per satisfaction. However, after April 13, you will get opportunities of profits in your job and business, on the basis of your expertise. Investments will be profitable and this year you travel more.

Love & Marriage – From 29th April to 12TH July, you need to be more alert and careful as there will be a period of Saturn’s Dahiya and it may deter you from making the right decision. That is why lovers should avoid splitting and let the cracks of your love life heal automatically. After the Shani’s Dhaiya ends you get a chance to rekindle the love.Scorpions waiting to get married may see their wish coming true in 2022. There’s going to be love in the air.

Studies – Students will face some disturbance during studies at the beginning of the year but there will be progress after April. Students related to research work will be relieved from problems and may rest for a bit. And the students preparing for competitive examinations will have positive conditions post-April 12. 

Advice – You need to be cautious and alert about matters related to legal dispute, accident or disease till april 12.                                                                                         

Lucky numbers: 3,2,9

Sagittarius –

Work & Business – The year 2022 will finally yield results of your past struggles due to Saturn’s Sadhesati since 2014. Enjoy the results from April 29 to July 12. After this, Saturn will again move to Capricorn and remain there till the end of the year. So you should take full advantage of this auspicious time and proceed with full steam ahead. Wealth, luxury and respect will keep increasing from the onset of 2022. Maximize profits in investment till April 13; later on, invest carefully. This year may prove much better for people in terms of work than last year. You may even get opportunities to switch from service to business. Grab them and make the most of them.

Studies – Students of all fields will have time to move ahead smoothly. However, students preparing for competitive examinations may face a few problems from April 12 to August 10.

Marriage & Relationship – Home-lovingness will increase this year, and you need to maintain your relationship wisely post July 12. Both married life and love life will be pleasant if you bear with few conflicts and avoid misunderstandings.

Advice – Rahu will protect you from diseases, debts and enemies till April 12. After that, you need to be more alert till 10th august.  

Lucky numbers: 3,9,5

Capricorn –

Work & Business – Capricorns were having a hard time because of Saturn’s sadesathi and you might enter the new year hesitantly, but don’t worry, 2022 will bring some relief. People will experience a special effect as Saturn, Guru, Rahu, and Ketu will have their influence in April. In the first quarter of the year, you will be unable to bring the pace you want in your field of work, but after April 13, the journey of fulfilling your ambition may come true. So don’t give up, work hard! Luck, karma, courage and self-confidence will be with you even if the Sadhesati of Saturn is still exerting its influence. Change in professional life is likely to happen, and you will experience either promotion or transition to a better job. The period between April 29 and July 12 is auspicious. The pending sale of your land might finally get the desired deal.

Family – The family environment will be loving throughout the year but be cautious during the time between April 29 to July 12.  

Relationship – Marital bonds that have gone sour can also be rejuvenated in this short period. Give your partner some time and attention he/she needs and reconnect. It would be wise not to get egoistic and stay calm. Capricorns can expect minor disputes. Avoid publicizing or sharing your issues with a third person as it might hurt your love life.

Studies – The year 2022 will also prove to be better for the students. The time till April 13 will be perfect for the competitive examination. 

Stock Investment–  You may want to invest in the stock market with thorough research and analysis of the risk involved for investment purposes. This will ensure long-term investment.

Advice – Capricorns need to be mindful of their health and beware of sleeplessness, restlessness, and throat problems. 

Lucky numbers: 6,8,5

Aquarius –

Work & Business – The year 2022 will prove to be a symbol of new hope and confidence, to the struggle of Saturn’s Sadhesati that has ruined your confidence so far. Four Major planetary changes will sprinkle positivity in all dimensions of your life. In the first quarter of the year Aquarians will obtain economic benefits; although, from January 14 to February 15, the expenses will be high. Be it employed people or businessmen who were still distressed by unknown fear. They will now find contentment in their struggle with their destiny, potential and zeal after April 12. This proclaims that money is bound to come your way if you do what you’re meant to do. Money will be raised, that was stuck somewhere till now.     

Stock Investment – In 2022, it seems the stars are aligned for you, as based on the valuation in the stock market, you may expect long term investment to give profitable returns. From April 12, you will get the positive outcomes of the hard work done last year.

Health – Along with financial benefits, family harmony will also increase. Remember to sit back for a while and enjoy the fruit of your efforts, before you zealously begin working again. Aquarians will also succeed in removing diseases, debts and enemies from their path with their intellect. Prioritize your health this year, and be more careful from Asthma, Arthritis and weak immunity from 29 April to 12 July.

Relationship – From 29th April to 12th July there may be trouble in paradise for married Aquarians but stars advise you to stay calm and handle it.                      

Studies – This year will also be beneficial for students focusing on higher education, keep going! Your wishes may be fulfilled.

Lucky numbers: 4,6,5

Pisces – 

Work & Business – Employees and business people associated with the service providing sector shall expect significant profits. Therefore, proceed with the strength and planning of the race, which is the golden period.

Health – The year 2022 has brought new hopes and success for you. Since last year, Saturn has been moving in your benefic house, which will remain in your benefit home even this year, only from April 29 to July 12. After that, he will come to your twelfth house when you need to be extra careful. The transit of Saturn in Aquarius will be the beginning of your Sadhesaati. During this period of about 75 days, you can experience mental stress. The transit of Rahu from April 12 will make Pisces behave rigidly and coldly. You can avoid this if you try being more flexible and fun around people.

Relationship – There will be a rise in marital happiness for Pisces. People whose marital relations had deteriorated last year will build a relationship again. Those who wish to get married; will see your wish coming true this year. If you want to have children, 2022 will fulfill this wish. Worries in love life will take a back seat post-April 13. This year, love is in the air, so Pisces searching for a love partner will be successful.  

Studies – In 2022, students will have a pleasant time. Only the transit time of Saturn in Aquarius will be a little tricky.      

Stock Investment – As per the finance horoscope, it would be better to invest long term in the stock market. From July 29 to November 14, invest cautiously. 

Advice – This year, you will be safe from the troubles of diseases, enemies and debts, yet everyone should be alert according to the planets of their birth chart.

Lucky number for Pisces: 3,9,2 

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