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Practice self-reflection to build your self-awareness

Have you ever felt that you are just stuck in a loop? You want to make a difference in life however you keep going back to those limiting old habits and patterns. You read several articles and tell yourself: “I will bring the change”, “it’s my time”, then again you are back to the usual routine.  

But why?

What could be the reason?

Is it that you are coded this way and will be this way forever?

If yes then, how would you be able to achieve that “ideal” life?

Well, the answer is yes, we are coded with these patterns but they can be changed. These driving patterns and habits are the result of lifelong learning of our thoughts, behaviours, and beliefs. These patterns deeply influence our being but with conscious efforts, we can bring a change and re-focus on our life’s purpose. 

This can be achieved through the practice called self-reflection. Self-reflection is the process of meditating on self to understand one’s own emotions, actions, and behaviours consciously. It helps to understand one’s self reactions and responses and appropriately process situations that might otherwise be very overwhelming. Being self-aware allows one to have a positive and healthy mindset. It provides awareness about strengths and weaknesses, which can be tapped and built upon and hence allowing one to use their potential appropriately.

Ways to Practice self-reflection

Here are a few simple ways through which you can include self-reflection in your everyday routine. 

1. Fix an appointment with yourself

We live in a fast world. Rarely do we get time to pause and reflect Hence it is important to fix an appointment for yourself. Choose a time of the day suitable for you and fix it as your “me time”.


2. Decide a self-reflection activity

You can decide on any activity that can help you. Writing and journaling are the most common and easy ways through which a person can express their thoughts and then analyze them for themselves. Apart from writing, meditation is one powerful tool. It allows you to become consciously aware of own self by giving you a peaceful time to pause, observe and reflect on your thoughts, patterns, and behaviors.


3. Choose the category

Fix your daily questions or areas you wish to work upon as your resource guide. You can select the category of life you wish to work upon:

  • Mental health – questions like, do you feel clear-minded, focused, active, and intellectually aware?
  • Physical health – questions like how do you feel about your body? Do you have a healthy perception of your body? How do you want your body to feel? Are you more focused on its physical appearance or inner one? Do you provide your body with the nourishment that can compensate for the demands that you have from your body?
  • Emotional health – how do you understand your emotions? What emotions do you usually feel? how to process those emotions? Do you suppress them or do you process them? Do you feel emotionally overwhelmed? Do you react impulsively? What might be causing such immediate reactions? Understand you’re triggered and limiting beliefs. Etc.These are a few basic categories that one can reflect upon. You can choose your categories such as love, career, and finances, and understand your beliefs around them. Once you understand your belief, distinguish between what works in your favor and what is limiting you.

4. Take actions 

Once you have gained an understanding of yourself. Now is the time to bring the change. Make your own action plan strategy and align yourself towards the goals that you wish for and work on your weaknesses that are limiting you. 

To sum up

These are some of the ways that can help you in accommodating the practice of self-reflection in your everyday life. You can keep practicing these or add on new ones according to your learnings down the road. All that is required from you is being consistent and courageous. Self-reflection at times can become overwhelming as you are allowing yourself to talk. Be patient and loving. Decide at your own pace to work on yourself. All it takes is the first step. And you have taken that first step towards yourself through this article. 

Congratulations !!

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