May Predictions

Hello tribe, 

We are here again with a new month’s prediction. Did you know “May” is the month of transition? This month of May why not give yourself the chance to transition into your brightest self.

You may think yes we wish to, but how? 

We have the answer, Goldenhand is always there to guide its tribe to the path of enlightenment. The readings below will allow you to understand what the month of may holds according to your zodiac sign. 

During this transitioning month, each zodiac sign will undergo a significant change in their life. Therefore, this month’s reading is of utmost importance. 

So here’s is what your stars have to say this month: 


The month of May will bring in several benefits. For those who are planning to bring a change in their job/business, the situation is right. This month, money will come but will not accumulate. So be careful while spending. It is advisable to avoid anger and impulsive decision-making. In a business partnership, do not let there be tension among partners. Avoid conflict in marital and family environments. For those planning to go abroad, it’s the right time. Students might face some obstacles in their studies but can experience success in competitive examinations. So study hard. Take care of your health. Drive carefully.


The month of May will bring in economical benefits. Venus will continue to help you make money. Saturn is making Shash Raajyog in the tenth house, indicating progress in the field of work and increasing luck. It’s the right time to invest in property, house, vehicle, and share market through careful assessment. Avoid legal matters. This month your married life, family, business, and love life will be better. Taurus are advised to be honest with their endeavours in all aspects of life. Students can experience success in all domains so work hard. It is advisable to not cheat in the exam. Success is in the cards for politicians. 


May will bring a special increase in honour and respect till May 15th. Jupiter will form Hans Raajyog in the tenth house, indicating success at the work front with an increase in luck. Those aiming for government jobs now are your time. Work will be favourable.  Money will keep coming unabated but invest carefully in the land, buildings, vehicles, and stocks. Venus will form Malavya  Raja Yoga in Tenth House from April 23rd  lasting until May 27th. This will give all kinds of pleasures and happiness. Every area of ​​life whether it is family, business, marital, or student life will all be better. One can expect success in court-related matters. 


May will enter with a boost of confidence, respect, and luck. With these supportive virtues, there will also be an increase in wealth via profits. It’s the right time to invest in land, house, and vehicles however through careful considerations. For those trying their luck in government jobs, there are chances of success till mid-May. Students preparing for competitive exams will get clarity, so keep studying hard. Love life will be better, however, one can face some difficulties in married life, so maintain your calm. This month your inclination towards spirituality will be more. One can expect relief from ongoing legal disputes. It is the right time to pay off past loans. The family environment will be better. Take care of your mother’s health.


The month of May will lack luck for Leo. However one can still get opportunities of being benefited financially. The money is seen as an expenditure today that can create avenues of profits in the future. So be mindful. It is time to attain spiritual knowledge. It is advisable to take interest in social work. More hard work will be required in business or job, but after May 16, the situation will be better. Handle relationships with in-laws. The seventh house will be very disturbed due to Saturn and Mars, so prepare yourself for compromise with partners either at work or in married life.

Worshipping the Sun is advisable.


Virgos will be fully supported by their luck. Their energy and self-power will guide them to overcome life struggles. Due to the formation of Malaya raj yoga and Hans raj yog in the seventh house, business relations, marriage relations, and sibling bonds all will be good. It is advisable to focus on the way of communication. It is the right time to invest in property, stocks, etc however with careful consideration. The expenditure is also going to be high, so handle it. There will be interest in acquiring knowledge of spirituality or esoteric mysteries. There is every possibility of love or arranged marriage. Avoid getting money through the wrong means. Take care of health, and deal with urine or skin problems.

Worship the Sun.


The month of May will bring in a state of confusion. and Luck will be lacking in support of Libras. A state of confusion can make it difficult to make the right decision, so take help from experts and your well-wishers. It is advisable to keep your mind calm at business and the workplace. Those seeking government or private jobs can get success. The financial situation will be better. It’s the right time to pay off any past loans. Be more careful while dealing with a person of the opposite sex. There is a possibility of a love marriage. One can experience a lack of marital happiness this month. Although you are free from Saturn’s DHAIYA this month, still the good results of this planet will be available but slowly. Students will get success according to their hard work. Health will be better. 


The month of May will support you with luck. Post May 17th, one can expect the situation in money, marriage, children, education, and family to get better. The presence of Saturn and Mars in your 4th house, till May 17th, can impact happiness. However, due to the formation of shash yog due to the presence of Saturn and the presence of  Mars in the 4th house, it’s a favourable moment to invest in property.


It’s also the right time to pay off past loans and to invest in the stock market. However, be careful while making such decisions There will be a need for reconciliation in married life after May 15th since 2 planets in the 4th house were creating disturbances. Love life will be better. There will be possibilities of marriage. one will be able to do better in any competition. Take care of yourself and your mother’s health till May 17.


May will be the month of happiness for Sagittarius, due to the formation of Hans and Malavy Raajyog in the fourth house. This will last till the 23rd of May. One can expect an increase in wealth, luxury, and prestige. It’s a good time to plan a foreign trip. It’s a favourable time to invest in property and share markets through careful assessments. One can experience career progress. After May 15th, it is a favourable time for success in competitive examinations. Marriage, Family, and Love Life will be okay. Health will be better. Common skin problems are possible. Be careful.


With positive thoughts and full energy, Capricorns will keep moving forward in their field of work. Some new paths can also be found which will change the condition and direction of life, so recognize the opportunity. With life, the ability to take on big responsibilities will automatically develop. Keep a close eye on your job and business, someone working with you can leak your project which can be harmful. So don’t trust easily. Be careful while investing anywhere. Financial conditions will be better. Defuse stress with a spouse. Move towards the success of the desire of marriage. Bring patience in speech. Honor and respect will increase after May 15. Students will have a good time. Love life will be better. 


The planets are making some very good combinations, which can be called the path to significant success. One can expect progress and success in social, political, spiritual, economic and other aspects of life. It is important to avoid laziness and overthinking, as it can hamper your increased energy, courage and might turn towards negativity.

The stalled works will pick up the speed till May 26. The flow of money will remain.

Deal with government works till May 15. Take special care of health from May 25th. Take big decisions after thinking carefully. Keep family disputes calm. It’s a good time for students to study hard. After May 24, the problem of love life will be solved. There are chances of getting lucky after marriage.


May will bring in new energy for Pisces. They will get many great opportunities for financial and career growth. it is advisable to be focused and grab such opportunities. Beware of enemies. It is advisable to be careful while investing in the stock market. It would be good to curb unnecessary expenses. Avoid getting entangled in court matters. With the pressure,  do not let your voice become bitter. Manage and avoid negative thinking. The family atmosphere can be full of tension, take special care till May 15th. Marriage relations will be fine. Love life will also be better. Students’ studies will run smoothly. It is a favorable time for success in competitive examinations. Pay close attention to your health and stress handling till 17th May. Make sure to apply saffron tilak everyday.

We hope these messages will guide you towards a successful month of health, growth, and success. Come back again soon, to see what the universe has planned for you. See you next month.

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