Understand the connection between chakras

When we hear energy beings, immediately what comes to our minds are the people with superpowers, those who can fly, have lasers in their eyes, control things via their minds etc. but what if I tell you, even you, you have the power to achieve it all.  

Well, we cant assure you the flying, controlling or laser eyes, but you can and will be able to achieve it all, all that you desire, and even more. At Least in a human sense.  You will be able to tap your potential to the fullest by aligning your mind, body and soul.

And you might wonder how? 

The simple answer is by balancing your chakras. 

We, humans, are energy beings, in the truest sense. We are a little part of the large universe and are deeply connected with it via universal energy.  We derive this energy both from within and around ourselves. This flow, harmony and connection of energy are maintained by our personal powerhouse called “the chakras”.  Our body is aligned with 7 major chakras positioned vertically alongside our spine These powerhouses provide energy to our mind, body and soul. It is quite crucial to understand chakras to understand ourselves. A balanced flow of energy through these chakras helps us live a more balanced and optimal life. All these chakras teach us how important it is to have a balance between yourself, emotion, intellect, work,  health, relations, career, and finance. Because imbalance in even one of the aspects usually creates disbalance in overall life.  

The 7 chakras represent different energy zones within our body and these are:

  • Crown chakra 
  • Third eye 
  • Throat 
  • Heart
  • Solar plexus 
  • Sacral 
  • Root

Now let’s try to understand the connection between these chakras:

Crown chakra, the chakra present on top of our head, formulates the basis of how well we know and understand ourselves. It is because only when we know who we are do we have the ability to have a vision of what we want to be. The third eye chakra located between the centre of the eyebrows helps in the clarity of this vision. Once we have a clear vision we have the capability of going out then the throat chakra comes into place. It provides us with the power to communicate, communicating ourselves with the world to connect. Communication empowers us to tell others what we believe in and what we stand for without hesitation. You are able to communicate your own thoughts strongly because you have faith in yourself and when you have faith in yourself you attract people who have faith in you, it is because the heart chakra empowers you with self-love. Where the heart chakra provides the belief, the solar plexus provides an individual with the strength, courage and willpower to execute your vision. The 6th chakra, the sacral chakra is the chakra of creativity. It empowers us to be creative and give birth to new ways of achieving what we want and while doing all of this be firm and be grounded, through the root chakra.  

This is how each chakra serves as the basis for the next chakra. If at any point chakra is blocked or overflowing, it can begin to hamper the flow of energy in the other chakras and hence disrupt the harmony 

Eg: if the first chakra, the chakra of the head is blocked, it will push the person into a state of mental trouble. It might hamper a person’s perception about themselves in a negative way which will further impact how they envision themselves and later impact the heart chakras, if one loses the faith within themselves, soon others will too and hence disturbing the harmony of the heart chakra, and so on. 

Hence it is of utmost importance to balance your energy and align yourself with it so that there’s no disruption in the flow of the energy and your mind and body. The balanced functioning of these chakras will not only help you feel more energetic but will allow you to achieve what you were destined to be. 

Stay tuned there is more coming with the next posts, Coming up is the explanation of all these 7 chakras individually.

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