Metamorphosis program helps you re-discover your powerful self and re-engineer your life. The program is carefully curated to take you through a well thought and detailed course of attunement, self-reflection & action. It involves a combination of teaching methods. The course material is delivered through a series of audios, videos, workbooks alongside one on one consultation sessions and group sessions to keep you motivated and the process interactive.

The program is divided into 3 phases with each phase having its own objective and outcomes. The goal is to let you first attune to the universal energies and get you into healthy habits of practicing breathing techniques and meditation. This is followed by detailed journaling over four major aspects of your life i.e. health & physical wellbeing, relationships, finance & career and your emotional intelligence. Each phase involves multiple consultation sessions that helps to understand your personal stance and smoothly guide you into the next phase which facilitates proper alignment between you and the course materials.


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