Self Reflection



Our self reflection program is curated to make you more conscious about your life. Self-reflective journaling is used to make you aware of the ways you think, feel, and act with respect to different domains of your life. The program is the combination of one to one consultations and a comprehensive workbook designed by counsellors and holistic healers as a result of extensive R&D.

It enables you to re-discover & reengineer yourself. Our course works on fundamental areas of life which we call our building blocks. The building blocks include health & physical wellbeing, internal self, relationships and finance & careers. Each block is further divided into four pillars that enable you to reflect on each building block in detail. Self reflective questions are used to help in getting to the roots of your belief, vision, purpose & goal setting pertaining to that building block.

These building blocks have been spread over the course of 12 days providing you ample time to engage with the workbook write ups, questionnaires and consultations. We believe in holistic learning, hence our course consists of different modes of engagement with the data and resources we provide.


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