Pranayama and Meditation



Pranayama & Meditation have been scientifically proven to enhance numerous aspects of physical & mental wellbeing. However, a lot of us struggle keeping up with it due to lack of guidance, tools and techniques. We have provided a modern twist to traditional meditation and pranayama in this program.

We have developed a routine which combines visualization meditation and pranayama breathing techniques.We have included a combination of five breathing exercises that makes it easier and quicker for an individual to attain a meditative state of mind (AKA flow) whilst providing a multitude of physical & mental health benefits. The routine will be taught to you slowly and steadily over a course of 12 days.

This will enable you to master all the 5 essential pranayama techniques.Once you get a hold on the breathing practices, you will be taught visualization before providing you the final guided 25 minute meditation routine.


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